I am an AI researcher (and judoka) commited to pursuing reliable knowledge.

I like challenging conventions, critical thinking, creating new solutions, and telling stories. I thrive among people who are passionate about whatever they do and are supportive of each other's creativity.



Art Human & AI

Upcoming exhibition at Science Gallery.

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Safe and Trusted AI

PhD at King's and Imperial College

Research towards trustworthy and robust AI-based dialogue systems in practice.

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Golden Score

BSc thesis & first publication

A combination of sport, science, and art.

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Mobile app for iOS and Android

An easy-to-use learning tool by me.

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AI for good

AI is a revolutionary technology that is yet to mature. Its existential threat alone forces us to rethink everything we thought we knew. Its ever-growing impact on individuals and society must be well-understood. Its all-encompassing nature requires an immense amount of continuous and collaborative human effort for safeguarding all its applications.

Personally, I study Artifical Intelligence to study intelligence itself. I am fascinated by how much we take both the brilliance and the bad biases of our intelligence for granted. When inventing a new kind of intelligence surpassing our own, how do we make it work for us and how can we improve ourselves? I believe these are questions that must be addressed.

Education & Storytelling

I would like to leave a long-lasting and positive impact on people's lives. One way to do that for sure is to educate. Regardless of how and where, a human life is not possible without learning.

However, it can be really difficult. Personally, I am extremely thankful to the people who made efforts to make learning easier and fun for me. It would have been simply impossible for me to come this far without them. That is why I believe it is important to provide support to those who are willing to learn.

After first-hand experience, I believe storytelling is the best tool for learning. Animations, films, and games are all things that I have enjoyed so much growing up. These are under-exploited in education as they are and with the advent of technologies like AI personalisation, dialogue system, and VR, I am invested into the future of learning.


I do not always know what is the "right" thing to do. But I do know that being alive is a prerequisite to doing anything in the first place. You and I are at the mercy of nature when it comes to survival. Therefore, it is nobody's interest but our own to ensure sustainability.

Sustainability is deeply personal to me. It is embedded into the nomadic traditions of my home country Mongolia, the loss of which has hurt families, including my own. Many have bent to modernisation. Some have broken in the sudden change. As we know, the change is global and to the most of us, it is sudden.

This is why I am interested in both slowing down the change and helping people adapt.

Digital Economy

Items that once took months to be delivered by camel caravans and horsebacks to traverse the legendary silk road, now take only an instant to reach across oceans and continents. Given that context, teleportation itself sounds possible next...

On a more grounded note, there is a lot more to exploit in our relatively newfound global connectivity. There are practically endless opportunities online in the borderless world of the ideal global digital economy.

Therefore, I believe it is an important work to build digital environments that enable everyone everywhere to thrive in the real world. I would like to work towards supporting those who deliver value to others while combating all forms of potential abuse (scams, misinformation, and harmful content).

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Email: munkhtulga.battogtokh@kcl.ac.uk

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